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Podcast Bonus: DESMOND.LOG

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This month’s podcast episode is a bonus Three Million CE supplemental story. If you’re a supporter it will show up in your private podcast feed. If you’re not a supporter, don’t worry! This episode is a little extra character back-story for supporters of the podcast, but all of the main 3MCE story chapters and most other short stories I record will always be free on the public feed, so you’ll never have to worry about missing those. The bonus episodes will always be stand-alone stories or supplemental material (probably of a more experimental nature).

If you’re familiar with Patreon, think of supporting my podcast as kind of like that, but without actually using Patreon. I built my own infrastructure to support private podcast subscriptions and deliver bonus episodes. Because I enjoy pain. Or something. Anyway, if you want you can subscribe for $3 and then immediately cancel your support and you’ll still be able to download this episode and access the other subscriber features of the site for a month.

Short Permalink for Attribution: rdsm.ca/fgjy7
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