New Year, New Website

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Part of my resolution this year is to start writing more. Actually that’s part of my resolution every year, but this time for sure!

To help with that I have decided to consolidate my content on, as opposed to having entirely separate sites for fiction, technical posts, and personal blogging. I’ve also improved the comics situation… no more wonky javascript gallery nonsense.

I built the new theme from scratch, heavily inspired by which I found over on before the weekend and absolutely adore. My theme uses the Wombat color scheme which I have been using and enjoying in Vim for well over a decade now.

I’ve configured redirects from my old domains so that links to the old urls on Norfolk Winters (fiction) and The Codeword (tech) will still get you to the same content over here. I’ve also preserved the old comments. Old Cectic links should still work too; I’m quite proud of the nginx magic I whipped up to pull that one off.

Here’s to a new year, a new website, and new opportunities to procrastinate on the things I really enjoy doing but never seem to have the time or energy for.

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