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Hi and welcome to The Code Word. I’ll be using this blog to document various things I find interesting related to coding and the tech industry in general. I’ve been an active software engineer for over a decade now, currently working primarily in C# using Mono, with a little Javascript sprinkled in to keep things annoying. Lots of my peers use something called Python, which I think is like Perl, but not as powerful, or good.

Most posts here will have comments enabled which will allow you to leave feedback and correct any errors I made.

I should note that this is a personal blog, and the opinions stated herein are mine and mine alone. They do not reflect the opinions of my employer (assuming I’m currently employed). If you have an issue with something on this blog, you can take it up with me directly. My email should be in the sidebar.

Short Permalink for Attribution: rdsm.ca/fz0yg