Wednesday Afternoon

The IV line in Harlan’s foot that they were using exclusively for the IVIG treatments ended up failing yesterday, so the doctors decided not to bother with the third and final treatment after all. He’s also been doing fine without the catheter, and no longer experiencing any nausea. He ate a full breakfast of french toast and a grilled cheese sandwich with some grapes for lunch. We’ve even been able to help him stand up and walk around in his bed a bit.

This morning the doctors told Heather that while their tests definitely identified his condition as scalded skin syndrome, his biopsy tested negative for Staph. They couldn’t really explain how someone could have SSS without Staph (it’s a bit of a mystery to them as well). My own understanding of SSS is that it is caused by a protein called “exfoliatin” which is produced by certain strains of Staph, so maybe he had some other rarer kind of bacteria that produces that same protein. I’ll ask the doctors more about it if I get a chance while I’m staying with Harlan at the hospital tonight.

Harlan looks really great. The rashes on his arms and legs are gone, there’s no more swelling anywhere, and his skin wounds are healing up nicely. The doctors took him off of morphine completely because they think he’ll be ready to go home soon. One of the nurses said she wouldn’t be surprised if he went home as soon as the weekend.

I can’t imagine I’d be in such a good mood if I went through as much as this poor little guy has this past week…


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