Sunday Update II

Harlan was able to sit up this morning and drink some medicine and apple juice, so the resident in the ICU said we can probably hold off on the feeding tube if he will drink enough PediaSure to get him the protein he needs to start regrowing his lost skin. When he was upright, the nurse told me his back looks really good–no more blistering or skin sloughing off.

There are two possible causes of SJS–a reaction to a drug (which you would treat with steroids), or a reaction to an infection (which you would treat with antibiotics). The attending here said we can’t really know which one caused Harlan’s condition until the biopsy and labs are all in. Since Harlan is doing well on the antibiotic treatments, the doctor said we probably won’t treat with steroids since if he does have an infection it could make that worse.

The dermatologist visited Harlan again too, and said that since his rash is no longer growing and he seems to be improving, they no longer plan to recommend one of the more controversial treatments they were originally considering that involved giving Harlan antibodies to stop his immune system from attacking the skin.

All good news so far this morning and the doctors all seem very optimistic.

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