Out of the ICU

Since Harlan is doing so well, we’ve been moved out of the ICU back upstairs to the general floor. Because he’s no longer in pain and moving around so much on his own, they’ve wrapped his chest up in bandages to keep his vaseline pads from falling off. They put a second IV in his foot since the medicine they’re giving him to help his itchiness can’t be given through the same line as the IVIG treatment that he’s getting now.

All of the doctors who have seen him today who had seen him previously are amazed at how good he looks and how well he’s doing. The dermatologists have said that going forward the important thing is to keep his open wounds free from infection while he’s healing. One of the pediatricians said they may still consider moving him to the burn unit for more aggressive skin care–we will find out tomorrow. He still has rashes on his arms and legs, but in general his rash and blisters have cleared up quite a bit since starting the IVIG.

They upgraded his diet to normal foods, meaning he can eat anything he wants now. For dinner he had some macaroni and cheese and french fries (he had a few bites of chicken tenders too but he had a hard time swallowing them).

One of the teachers from his daycare came by while we were still in the ICU and dropped off a stack of cards from his friends saying how much they loved him and that they hope he gets better soon. He really enjoyed looking at all the drawings they made for him and having me read them to him.

Everything is going really well.

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