Monday Morning Update

Harlan is doing well. He is still forming new blisters and sores (which is to be expected) but his older ones are looking better. Heather said that overall she and the doctors feel that he has improved in appearance overnight. He is complaining of being itchy, which the doctors explain could either be because he is healing, or a side effect of the morphine.

I talked to him over the phone and he told me that he ate all his eggs for breakfast this morning and was asking for more apple juice. They were ordering more food for his lunch when I got off the phone with him around 11:30. They also have “bed puzzles” at the hospital that he will be able to put together in the hospital bed, so they are planning on getting him some of those to play with.

There are two more doses of the IVIG planned; one tonight and one tomorrow night. I will continue to post updates as he progresses through the condition or if anything changes.

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