Final Post

We had the follow up with the dermatologist yesterday. They still favor the SJS diagnosis, most likely caused by either a bacterial or viral infection (not medications or the vitamins). Harlan did test positive for strep as well as a couple common viruses, and tests for the mycoplasma bacteria were inconclusive, so there was all kinds of crazy stuff going on that could have contributed. They can’t really say what caused it for sure–they even conceded that it may have been the world’s worst ever case of Staph scalded skin.

They also said that recurrences of SJS are very rare, and that as long as we take normal precautions with Harlan he should be fine (teach him to wash his hands often, treat any major wounds with antibacterial creams, stuff like that). They said he looks like he has fully recovered and shouldn’t have any scarring.

The ophthalmologists also said that his eyes are fine, and aside from potentially being more prone to dry eyes, there should be no long lasting side effects to his vision.

I’m just incredibly grateful that we live in this age of modern scientific medicine. It’s truly an awesome time to be alive.

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