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Harlan was discharged this afternoon and came home after eight days in the hospital. We still have a regimen of medicines, eye drops, and skin creams to stick to while he continues to recover, but we’re all so happy that the whole family is back together again.

The official diagnosis listed on Harlan’s discharge papers is Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. We still don’t know what caused it. The doctors are interested in and currently investigating one possibility (we started the kids on a different brand of gummi vitamins a few weeks before Harlan got sick), but it’s possible we’ll never know. We’ll be following up with the dermatologists next Wednesday.

Thanks to everyone who followed the updates and kept Harlan in your thoughts. Thanks to all of the doctors, nurses, staff, and volunteers at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital for your diligence and compassion on Harlan’s case. Thanks especially to Daleen and Sergio for being here–your help when Harlan first got sick was truly invaluable to us. I know you guys didn’t really get the vacation you were hoping for; we’ll make it up to you next time you visit!

And thanks, of course, to Harlan for being such a little trooper during this whole ordeal. He saw a ton of doctors, nurses, and students over the past week, and once he was well enough for his personality to shine through it was uncommon for them not to tell us that he’s one of the best behaved, bravest, and most entertaining three year olds they’ve ever had to examine or treat. He really is an amazing kid.

I’m not sure how I’ll feel about ever watching Finding Nemo again. I’m sure it will bring back a flood of memories of the terrifying nights I spent at Harlan’s side in the hospital, watching his swollen, ravaged little body slowly breathing under layers of gauze and aquaphor. Hopefully the feelings of relief from the later days of his recovery will prevail. All I can say for sure is that I hope it’s a really, really long time before I have to find out.

At home with his new balloon

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