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Escapes from New York and L.A. Review

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Escape from New York is a timeless classic with a fantastic soundtrack that I can watch over and over and never get tired of.

Escape from L.A. is a 1990s theme-park CGI dumpster fire that can’t even get a Bruce Campbell cameo right, but it still holds a special place in my heart. It was my first introduction to Snake Plisskin, and came around the same time me and my friends were having epic Duke Nukem 3D multiplayer LAN parties in the computer lab at high school.

Neither of the blu-rays I own for these movies has any extras whatsoever; it’s unfortunate because I know there’s a commentary track out there for New York with John Carpenter and Kurt Russell on some DVD releases. I would kill for a commentary track of either movie with Russell in-character as Plisskin. I was also thinking that Escape from L.A. would have been a sweet movie to bake my first Rifftrax audio track into, but shockingly it appears that there is no Rifftrax for it. It’s a shame because this feels like such a prime candidate.

Anyway, if you’re just going to watch one, obviously watch New York. Watch L.A. only if you have a high tolerance for 90s cheese and absolutely have to see more Plisskin.

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