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David Lynchathon

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The next stack of films I have subjected to my ongoing Blu-ray library digitization quest were inspired by my recent viewing of Twin Peaks. I watched these over the course of a weekend.

Eraserhead (1977)

This film was my introduction to David Lynch. I remember being blown away by it when I first watched it as a teenager, and it stuck with me enough that it was one of the first Criterion Blu-rays I later bought as an adult. I didn’t understand a lot of it back then and I still don’t today but I enjoy it just as much.

Dune (1984)

This is frustrating to watch, because you can tell there’s a great David Lynch film under the surface just dying to jump out at you, but it never quite breaks free. It’s too bad we’ll never see Lynch’s original vision or cut of this film. There’s a lot to like about it but it’s just so bogged-down by the terrible editing, pacing, and awful exposition-barfing voice-overs that it’s not one I’ll probably ever revisit. Of this whole stack of movies this was the only one I had never even bothered to take out of the shrinkwrap before now.

Blue Velvet (1986)

This is a great film which I especially love because it feels almost Lovecraftian in its contrast between the dream-like surface world and the seedy, crime-ridden underbelly. My only issue is I once heard that Lynch originally wanted Dennis Hopper to be huffing helium, and then deliver his lines like “Baby wants to fuck!” in the resulting high-pitched voice, but Hopper disagreed so they didn’t do it. I just can’t help but be preoccupied thinking about how amazing it would have been to see and hear that while I’m watching those scenes.

Lost Highway (1997)

This was actually the first time I’ve watched this one. I loved it. I think this could be a real contender for my favorite Lynch film. I’ll probably need to watch it a few more times before I can really say much more than that about it.

Mulholland Drive (2001)

I love reading and listening to people’s theories about what everything in this movie means almost as much as I love watching this movie. I don’t really have any coherent theories myself, the details seem to change with every viewing.

That was previously my entire Lynch collection, but while I was watching these I hopped on the intertubes and ordered a copy of Wild at Heart as well as Inland Empire. The latter was especially hard to track down–I eventually found a Chinese release with English audio that apparently works in region A Blu-ray players. I haven’t seen either of those yet, and will write them up once they’ve been inserted into my ripping, encoding, and watching queue.

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